About AquaGym Swim Club


Create: An environment where athletes develop a winning attitude, commitment, teamwork, respect and leadership
Challenge: Provide challenging and professional programmes at all levels that allow each athlete to strive for and achieve their goals
Conquer: By creating the environment and challenging the athletes we will conquer our goals of being one of the top swim clubs in New Zealand

AquaGym has been active now for well over two decades within the Canterbury/ West Coast region. It has had time to mature. AquaGym was formally Avon Aquatics until 1994 when it became AquaGym Incorporated. For two decades, it was under the guidance of Brett Naylor as Coaching Director who along with another elite swim coach, Clive Power, lead the way in Aquatic Education and competitive coaching in New Zealand. Today, AquaGym is an independent legal entity known as the AquaGym Swim Club Incorporated.

In 2008, AquaGym completed a review of its operations and structure, following which it revised its constitution andestablished a Board to govern the AquaGym Swim Club Incorporated into the future. The Club continues to enjoy a close working relationship with Brett and Colleen Naylor of Pro Aqua Services Ltd. with Brett being invited to be Club Patron.


The 5 key values that define AquaGym Swim Club are:

WINNING ATTITUDE – Long term success from regional to international level
COMMITMENT – Achieving personal success, be the best you can be, having fun
RESPECT – Family friendly, sportsmanship, recognition
TEAM WORK – Being a strong cohesive team, supporting each other
LEADERSHIP – Produce more leaders, not more followers

We strongly believe in and live by our club values. These are the important principles which guide us all. They are entrenched in our tradition and history and provide direction for our future. They remain a constant throughout changes of swimmers, parents, committees and staff. By being a member of AquaGym Swim Club you are expected to embrace and contribute to our values and success!


Our philosophy is very simple:





AquaGym is very proud to operate one of the best Competitive programmes in New Zealand. Our goal is to create a stimulating and challenging environment where success becomes inevitable. We believe in excellence at all levels from Junior Development to the top Competitive Squad.


The Swim Club is governed by a Board consisting of at least 7 members. An Annual General Meeting is held every May when members of the Board are elected. The key roles of the Club are to help formulate policy, provide and develop competitive opportunities, provide oversight of the club’s financial position, fund-raise and develop a support network for its members.

AquaGym Swim Club’s competitive programme is directly managed by the Head Coach. The Head Coach is employed by the Board. The Head Coach then appoints and manages his or her own team to achieve the Club’s key objectives. An Operational Committee of volunteers provides support to the Head Coach in areas such as meet organisation, travelling, team management and fundraising.