Racing with AquaGym Swim Club


All meet entries MUST be made online through each swimmer's individual MyPage of the Swimming NZ website.  This can be accessed through clicking the "LOGIN" button at the top of our website.  Entry reminders and meet information are sent via email by the Head Coach prior to the relevant swimmers prior to the meet.

AquaGym Meet Reports are posted on the News section of this website following each meet.


Away Meets and the Annual Swim Camp are planned by the Club Travel Coordinator, in conjunction with the Head Coach. AquaGym Swim Club sends teams to all the National Meets each year – the NZ Junior Festival (12 years and under), National LC Age Groups (13 – 18 years) , Division II (13 and under – 16 years and over), National LC Open , National SC Age Group (13 years and over) and National SC Open .

An annual swim camp is held in January each year for approximatley two weeks prior to the Cantebury A Championship meet.

Specific Travel details for up coming away meets or swim camps are set via email and posted on the News section of this website.

Team Manager work-flow chart

Swimmer code of conduct form

Swimmer health information form


The Club Travel Coordinator calls for Expressions of Interest for Team Manager Positions for Away Meets two months prior to departure. The Head Coach considers all expressions of interest received and makes the final appointments. The Head Coach appoints the Team Managers for local meets


AquaGym Swim Club has uniform policy and Club uniform available for its members to purchase. When a swimmer registers with the Club as a junior member, he/she is required to purchase the AquaGym Jade polo top, AquaGym shorts and AquaGym cap as the initial basic uniform. This is acceptable Club uniform at Junior Carnival, Junior League and local Club meet level. This basic uniform must be worn to, from and at all Meets.
All registered swimmers competing at Canterbury Championship level and above are required to wear full team uniform to, from and at all Meets. Club members must wear a AquaGym Swim Club swim cap at all Meets and in Club Team Relays.


AquaGym Swim Club swim cap
AquaGym Swim Club Navy singlet, polo top or white long-sleeve t-shirt
AquaGym Swim Club shorts
Suitable footwear and socks for poolside

Towels, at least two

Racing goggles, plus a spare

Drinks: water and perhaps a sports drink or juice for carbohydrate and salt replacement.

Food: healthy and easily digestible snacks


White shirt, Black dress pants, dress shorts or skirts to the knee, decent shoes, NO Jandals, jeans or leggings. 


Purchase or uniform queries should be directed to Club Uniform Officer. To place a uniform order simply email The Club Uniform Officer will only provide you with the uniform once they have received an email from the Club Treasurer, confirming payment for the order has been received.

Payment can be made either by cheque or by online deposit to AquaGym Incorporated.
Account Number – 03 1703 0023545 00
Reference With – Swimmer’s Name – Uniform – Items
(Example: John Smith – Uniform – Swim Cap/Shirt)